My Brother-in-law

I got a call from my sister yesterday morning.  She was on her way up to the hospital in New Haven.  My brother in law took “a Header” on the deck.  He can’t move/feel his arm.  My sister spent Thursday night and yesterday with him but he is anxious and really having a hard time earlier in the day  When Liz called me last night he was less anxious but in pain.  SHe said he had a brace on his leg/knee and it some how caught on something (or didn’t move along with him) and he went flying into the railing and hit his head.  She says he has Stenosis and some other bruises and stuff (I know that Stenosis isn’t a bruise-Mom had Stenosis) and she feels it will be  a long while before he is home.  This is going to be stressful because he is organizing L’s birthday party.  THey have asked for no visitors for him though.  I offered to go to the store for her if she needs it.  We are getting together for dinner tonight.  All of their kids are getting together today for a camping and play date.  Actually not all-R &C have to work this weekend.

Work went well.  I got a lot off my desk but still have more to finish. It will be there Monday.  The union vote I may have mentioned the other day passed and according to the email I received over 2000 people voted for it.  Not sure how many are in the union but I guess this is as good as it will get.

I got an email from Jim yesterday.  He is looking forward to the continuous warm weather to do some planting with another  “friend”.  Its not L but same gender.  I invited him to attend the awards presentations with us in June for scholarship in Mom’s name.  I just have to let Liz know.  I think his kids are fine.  EM is not on facebook but she is working and hanging out I guess.  J  should be getting ready to come home from the semester from school.

I haven’t talked with My SIL E lately so I will call her later.  All of her kids are fine.  As I mentioned D is working on The King and I and that was nominated for 9 Tony Awards.  Including a Best Revival Play. R (D’s Husband working and supporting D).  J & H are down in Florida.  He is stationed down there in the ARmy.  R is busy working and spending time with friends (at least he makes the time for it).

The weather has been really nice but still a little chilly for me.  Its been in the high sixties and going that direction today.  I heard though that most if not all of next week will be back into the 70s.  I am going to have get some light blouses.  I think we are going straight into summer season.

If it stays nice I am thinking of going to the Kite Flying event in town.  It starts at 12 and is a huge event.  I just have a feeling I won’t have a place to park.  There also a fishing Derby going on today but I am not a fishing person.

The kittens are downstairs.  They woke me up early as usual and on my way to the bathroom I stepped on SKy’s tail toes etc.  That’s the first time.  Actually he is debating whether or not to comeback on the bed or really in it.  She should be coming up soon.  Yep I hear her.  If they are going to start their morning nap (its only 8) I may get showered and go grocery shopping.

This week I have a few doctor’s appointments. One is the session with Debra, and the other is a Hygenist.  It was rescheduled from last month.  Oh and I have to get blood work done by the sixth in time for my appointment with Dr. Sonia she is the following week.  I have to say  that I am feeling pretty good.  I finished the med for the viral infection and I am still taking the other stuff-prednisone and stuff.  I had to take the naproxen because I had gotten the muscle things during the night.  I am already changing my mind about going shopping early.  I am not overly tired but since its quiet I just want to catch up on it because late night is not easy to do.

That’s about all the news I have for now…have a great weekend.


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