Another Beautiful Day

It is another beautiful day and it’s in the mid 60’s right now both at work and home.  I have no idea how long it will last I thought I heard we may get rain overnight. We have clouds now but like I said no rain until much later.  the rest of the week should be nice.

I talked with Liz this morning.  she proclaimed herself as “scattered-brain” as she was trying to do a million things before going up to the hospital.  Nelson was getting assessed for Gaylord today and late this afternoon he was heading for Gaylord.

I called Jim at Liz’s urging to let him know about the scholarship presentation in June.  Unfortunately when  I spoke to Phil this morning the dates had not been sent out.  Phil promised to let me know as soon as the HS would get them.  Later on in the day got a text message that Jim doesn’t have email yet.  I ended up calling him and telling him about the awards presentation.  I think once we get the dates he will try and make it up.

My meeting with debra was moved to a phone session for tomorrow night as she has been sick and not at work.  she will call around 7 so I can be ready for that.

The drive home was a little slow.  There was an accident clearing up on the side of the road in West Haven.  Once we passed the accident it was okay.  I got home after 4:30.  The kittens were just ambling around.  Right now they are out back looking out the door. I opened the windows and doors.

I threw some windows and the sliding door open.  They are enjoying listening and watching the birds flying by.

I am going to relax and catch up on some reading and letter writing until NCIS and then go to bed early  I have to have blood work done tomorrow and I am going to do it before going to work.


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