Marvelous Monday

The weather was beautiful, work was busy, and I got my grocery shopping done.  I heard from Liz via text.  Just was thanking me for the dinner we had the night before.  No news on Nelson I will call and find out today if he moved to Gaylord or not.

I started feeding the kittens in their own separate dishes on Monday and it worked pretty well.  Sky started to eat from Tiger’s but I got him to his.  Today Tiger ate from his as well.  It will take time.

I am going to have to call the Parking Authority back today after not receiving the statement for this month.  A woman called back and said they were sent out but would send one via email to me.  I called back and said I would wait one day.  I will call back today.

I finally did some food shopping and did pretty well.  It took about an hour and I was home by 5:30.  When I got home the “Lawn Guy” was doing the yard.  He will be getting rid of a bush that’s pretty dead and make it just grass.  He will reseed the area that isn’t green in front.

Today is my appointment with Debra so I will be late coming home.


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