Wednesday Midweek Reflection

Still trying to deal with the family drama issue.  I haven’t written the email to big brother yet.  I was getting tired and didn’t want to deal with it.  Maybe tomorrow.

I have doctor’s appointments and meetings for the rest of the week and a fun night Friday night.  so that should be an upbeat time.

the other day I was listening to a round table discussion on books and got to thinking I really need to do more reading again.  Yet I have the attention span of a flea.  I could go to the library but what would I start with?  mystery? romance?

I have to admit today was not the most productive day for work.  I was out of the office for nearly three and half hours for my appointment with the Rheumatologist.  She apparently had to see most of her co-workers patients and it made it crazy for her.  ANyway, she was pleased with my progress but wants me to see my primary for Pulmonary recommendations and a sleep study test.  I will see Dr. Sonia again in July.

The woman’s club meeting went really well. We just approved our budget for the 2015-2016 year and it looks like we will try and do more fundraising now that we will not be able to apply for chamber of commerce grants (they stopped those this year-not sure why).  We did some brainstorming sessions with old Clubwoman magazines.  It was quite clever.  We all looked through them to get ideas for our club to do by what our fellow/sister clubs did with theirs.  Some ideas were reading to military personnel families, a number of fundraising ideas, and I suggested having speakers at meetings on health issues.  We have several things going on for June and August.

The kitties are sleeping at the foot of the bed right now but they were pretty good tonight.  Sky sat with me in his favorite chair earlier tonight and was cuddly.  Tiger was her usual self.  They were both waiting for me on the stairs when I got home tonight.  I am seriously considering giving up the Blue Wilderness kibble after reading some serious  reports and complaints about the food (Blue Wilderness is from Blue Buffalo)

I have a small load of laundry going through right now and I am going to check on it to see if it needs to be moved to the dryer and then I am going to bed.


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