Slow start to Sunday

It is a little after 9 Sunday morning and I haven’t even showered or dressed for the day.  I have been up since six.  SKy was anxious  to eat.  I had hoped to stay in bed a little longer because I spent a couple of hours in the bathroom getting sick to my stomach.  IT happened around 1.  Even though I have had coffee and cereal I am still not feeling great.   I will get there eventually.

I talked with LIz last night.  SHe was on her way home from seeing Nel.  He was continuing to improve.  I think she said he was getting a full shower and he was looking forward to it. She also did some planting and stuff like that.  She was going to do her IV session last night.  Today she had a full day as well.

We talked about the scholarship awards that are coming up.  I need to get the woman’s name who needs information.  Liz has the info on Mom from the obituary if they need it.  I emailed Phil this morning to get the name.  I hope he sees it before too long.  We have less than ten days to get it ready.

The sun is out right now but according to the weather it was supposed to be cloudy all day.  Color me confused.  That’s not hard to do either.

Well I better get going..i have things I want to get done before too long.


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