The weekend is coming to an end

IT is early Sunday evening now and for me that is the end of the weekend.  Now is the time to get ready for the week ahead.  Unfortunately, my stomach feels weird again(and that’s because I had a lot of food this afternoon).  My left shoulder is hurting also too.  It has been rather a long time since that happened but I took something for it (the muscle relaxant-I hope).

I do admit the day was pretty good.  I got to see most if not all of my neighbors today.  One couple was doing yard work.  They don’t live here but have a house (they plan on renting out some time).  They were burned by one a couple several years ago so they are careful of who they rent out to.  It’s been empty for a few years now.

I went grocery shopping and did pretty well.  Actually spent almost the same amount I usually do and saved about $25.  I was back home by 12:30 quarter of one.

I had a late lunch and watched more of the NCIS Marathon on USA.  I also made plans for dinner and that worked out well.  I baked or broiled a pork loin that I bought and had a salad with it and juice and ice cream.  I am trying really hard not to go through the entire ice cream this time.

I also emailed and called family to keep in touch.  Jim and I talked about cat stuff.

I talked with my SIL and she is looking to store some stuff here.  She is making plans for a trip home to the Philippines.  I told her about the  scholarship.  I am not sure she fully understood it or I didn’t explain very well.

I also talked with Liz.  Her friend ANdrea lost her father today and I wanted to make sure Liz knew about it.  She did.  Andrea called her this morning.  Liz has had a full day.  She was on her way home from seeing Nel and had a few appointments tonight for home improvement projects that need to be done.

Had a very interesting occurrence.  While I was downstairs watching TV and hanging with the kitties I heard a growl.  I turned on the light after I saw them react defensive and scared (tiger).  THere was a black and white long haired cat showing interest in them.  I scared the visitor but I was really very proud of Sky.  Defending his territory.  I turned around and poor Tiger was hiding behind the chair I had been sitting in.  She came out after a brief coaxing.  I realize the visiting cat was curious but I never saw him/her/it before and I wasn’t sure what would happen.  I made sure I praised Sky and talked to both of them as though they would understand that the “visitor” was curious.  I do wonder where that one came from.

Well I am going to do more surfing.  MOnday will be here quicker than we all like.   Traffic in the city will be hectic as the Commencement exercises are tomorrow.   I don’t think I have anything after work to do so it will be another quiet night.

The rest of the week is just a few meetings but nothing else until the weekend.

Have a great one.


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