I am going to bed early

Today was  a pretty good day despite the fact my shoulder was giving me trouble.  The commute was unusually light but I wanted to contribute that to commencement ceremony at Yale today.  The garage I park in was very full.  I can only speculate about the other parking garages and lots being full.  It was completely different when I left for home.

I didn’t go out into the city today.  I had wanted to get as much as I could done.  I think that some of the streets were still shut down.  According to the President of the University in his weekly update there over 3500 graduates.  The university  tweeted each time a section was given their diplomas.

My Friend LA bought a fan for my office.  It can get hot in there and so now it will be  comfortable.  It took me a few minutes to realize it was on my desk this morning.

I was able to call the superintendent’s office to see what would be expected for the awards.  I then was given the name of the Guidance counselor from Foran.  When the Guidance counselor called she told me the program starts at 5:30 instead of 7.  They will have a blurb to explain who the scholarship is honoring and who it will got to and we will announce the names.

I haven’t heard from the JL HS yet but there is still time.  I am hoping that their awards program also starts at 5:30.  I am guessing it will be the same way.

The kitties were in the living room when I got home today.  I spent some time with them and then I made a sandwich of the pork loin.  While I ate they played for a while.

My neck and shoulder have been hurting and it has affected my arm.  I took some tylenol and the muscle relaxant but it still hurts a bit.  I am not sure what  caused it.

So with that I am going to bed.


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