I have so tired this week

I was tired every night that I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. I wanted to watch TV a few times this week and couldn’t.  I am hoping to continue the trend of a full sleep tonight and I may even go as soon as finishing this entry.

Tuesday I didn’t meet with DEbra.  I just wasn’t feeling good and I needed to come home.  We were supposed to have a phone session Wednesday but never connected.  I thought about calling her but I have been fairly busy at work.  I am not sure if we’ll be meeting the rest of June or not.  She is supposed to be vacationing a few times this summer.

Wednesday was a crazy ass day.  I had everything done early and basically had to find things to do until I left at 2:30.  I left work early thinking I had an appointment w/Dr. Sonia.  I got there on time only to discover that it was cancelled when I was there last time.  I should have noted that in my notes from last time.

That night was the Woman’s Club Rita’s Italian fundraiser.  The girls did the promoting and scooping while DR. T, Roberta, and I sat and chatted.  I was treated with a custard cone by Roberta.  There seemed to be a lot of people there but I really wasn’t facing the store a lot.  We did have a visit from the owner.  He was the father of one of our former girls club member.  She is in Spain and will be coming home this weekend.  We were there until 8:30.  I was home by 9 and as I said in the opening I was in bed shortly after that.

Thursday was pretty good.  I wasn’t able to get everything out but I was doing other things that SR gave me to do.   That evening was the Jobs March across the city.  I was going to bail but that was until Elia the organizer stopped by my office.  So I relented and attended.  We met at Kelly’s Bar and Grill on Crown Street.  We had appetizers and then more people came around including the current President of Local 34.  We left around 5 and marched to City Hall where all the other organizations were waiting to start.  There was some changes in the marches.  At first we were going back to the Med SChool but there were not enough members from there.  So they were going to go the opposite direction.  However, my legs, knees, and breathing were not cooperating as it was quite humid.  So I left with a couple of my friends/co-workers back to the garage and headed back home.

I did try and stay up to watch the LOTR movie however it didn’t work.  I was dozing and trying to sleep.  Sky came and laid under my neck a couple of times.  He eventually went to his spot at the end of the bed.

Today was busy and I ended up getting more re-address mail and it built up.  One good thing is I am able to use Epic system.  Eventually I will be doing the refund checks (which basically means I make notations on each patient’s account and the mail out the refund checks.  I can also use the system to look up stuff to see where each document goes to.  It should be very interesting.  I hope I can use it well.

Tonight was pizza night.  I had three slices and juice.  The rest of the pizza will be eaten during the weekend at some point.

I really don’t feel like doing much tonight that includes things that need to be done.  My shoulders are hurting a little tonight as well as the knees so I am thinking I will do it before leaving for my hair appointment.

The kitties are quiet right now.  Sky spent a lot of time meowing/crying loudly earlier but I couldn’t figure out what he needed or wanted.  He is sleeping right now.  Tiger is out back on the ledges relaxing.  She knocked over a dvd player (the mini dvd player) on to the floor.  I can only imagine what they did today.  I am pretty sure sleeping was a huge part of the day.

The weather has been warm and summerish.  Several times it was reported that hazardous weather  would be coming through Milford.  It never happened.  I have also heard and may have mentioned it earlier that the weekend may have some rain storms.  If that’s the case I will embrace that opportunity as I usually love rainy weekends.

I have very little planned for the weekend.  I am getting my hair done in the morning and probably grocery shopping.  I think there is a couple of things going on in town and I might check it out.

I talked with my sister last night.  She has been busy working in her garden almost all week.   She told me she is planning on going to Atlanta for a conference.  She was afraid she would have to cancel it after all that happened with N.   There is still two weeks until she goes and she is leaving the option to cancel for then as well.  She did tell me that my nephew C lost his job at the restaurant he has been working at.  He is heartbroken and unemployed.  I don’t know what he will do know but I hope he finds another job soon.

I have heard from Jim through Facebook this week.  He shared videos and stuff with me and of course I replied.  I will email him this weekend though.

I heard from my pen pal Mary L the other night.  I will be writing her this weekend.  I have to read the entire email later but she sounds good for now.

Well that’s about it for now…Have a great night and great weekend..


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