I Thought

I thought for sure I would be extremely tired by lunch time today.  I wasn’t though.  Why you ask?  Well I woke up several times during the night.  I pretty much stayed awake from 2 am until it was time for me to get up for the day.  Why you ask?

Well I had a headache for most of yesterday as I mentioned in my Thankful Thursday post and after eating and watching some TV I guess I fell asleep until I discovered no kitties on the bed.  I went in search of them.  I found Sky in his usual spot.  It took me a few minutes to find Ms Tiger.  She was in a semi new spot behind the loveseat.  I had called out to her before finding her there.  She eventually came out and so I spent time with both of them.  At one point I found myself following TL and decided against it.  I just went up stairs and did the thankful thursday post and watched tv for a while.  I did notice they do still curl up with each other and sleep.

They didn’t come up until nearly 5.  They each sat in their own windows or out in the hallway (which both have been doing a lot of too) and then sky would come up and nuzzle his face in my own.  (sigh) as i was relieved.  I guess they have their moods too and don’t always want to do group things.  

even though they started at 5 I stayed in bed longer and then got up when the alarm went off and 5:30.  they followed as I headed downstairs and we did our thing.  I had to sweep up the bathroom floor when it came time for the box to get cleaned out or I would be in mud getting out of the shower.  I was happy to see they didn’t shred the newspaper under the box.. Once they had been fed I had my coffee and yogurt I did doze on the couch until 6:30.  

I managed to shower, dress, pay more attention to them and then take off before 7:30.  I decided to stop at DD and get some more coffee and one of those cheesecake squares with cookie crumbs on it.

The morning was spent on the re-address mail and then daily stuff when it came in which also turned out to be more readdress mail.  I will be turning my attention to the sorting of the denials very soon.

I have a fundraiser to attend tonight for the Mayor.  Its at our favorite hangout Stonebridge.  I don’t want to dress up for it I hope what I am wearing will be sufficient.  I am also not staying long as I have things to do-like sleep.

OKay lunch is over…have a great afternoon…


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