What’s going on?

Along with everyone else this week saw the pictures coming across the TV Screen that showed the events that occurred in South CArolina where Dylan Roofus shot nine people in a church after Bible study.  It brought back memories of Sandy Hook Shooting at least for me.  There have been stories of the background of Dylan Roofus.  The backgrounds of a couple of the victims.  There is a report that the Father of DR gave him a gun.   i actually have to read the articles that have culminated over the last two days.  My prayers and thoughts to the victims and their families and friends and the entire town having to deal with this.

One of our middle schools had to be shut down two weeks ago because of Bomb Threat.  Well a 19 year old Maryland Man was taken into custody yesterday for making those threats.  He is in a Maryland Jail now.  Why would this person do this?  I believe I heard or read that he took the screen name of an acquaintance and made the threat.

Work went well but was glad the week was over.  I admit it’s going to be difficult to keep focused because I am taking that long weekend off.  In the mean time there will be plenty of mail to open and readdress.  It will have to be done but It will be a struggle I think.

Last night I went to IHOP for my dinner.  I had it early because I also got the cat food and supplies.  I was going to go this morning but decided not to.  Anyway, I had one of their summer stacks they had been promoting for the last couple of weeks.  It was the one with banana and cream and nilla wafers, and eggs, bacon, sausage, and hashbrowns.  It was a lot granted but I ate most of it.

Today was the Club Car wash and the weather didn’t cooperate.  We had about ten cars for two hours and it began to rain around 1 and so we started to clean up by 2.  On top of that the girls who did a great job had to leave for other activities (family and otherwise).  I was home by 3.

I had mcdonalds for lunch so I am not all that hungry yet for dinner.  I am not sure what I will have when I do.

Right now the kitties are sleeping on the bed.  Something they haven’t done in a couple of days.  I don’t think they moved from the sofa or chair where I left them this morning til I got home.  They joined me when I came up after lunch.  I started falling asleep for a while and so did they.

I think I will watch TV for a while…


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