I was a little premature

I think I was a bit premature in cancelling my appointment with DG yesterday.  As predicted the storm started just about 4 and it was thundering and lightening but by the time I got through to West Haven it was literally clearing up.  It didn’t help traffic at all though I ended up getting home by 5.  An hour later it started to thunder and eventually rain again.  According to the weather teams the storm moved through the state quickly but not before causing damage in many areas including Torrington (northwest) and North Haven.  The sky had some funky colors before it cleared up too.

Dinner was a couple of smart ones and bread w/italian dressing.  It was good the first smart one wasn’t very filling so that’s why i did the other stuff.  I cleaned up the kitchen and played with the kitties and then went upstairs after a while.

I did talk with Liz and they were fine and so was everyone else who was in the storm’s path.  we will catch up again on Thursday or Friday.

The rest of the night the kitties played or sat around out back or in the living room.  Tiger seems to like sitting behind the white chair in the livingroom.  She seems to be finding more and more places to sit and be safe.  One of the girls I told this activity to says this is what cats do all the time.  When I left this morning they were both on the bed.  I warned them I would be very late tonight.

I made arrangements for my car to be serviced and they will do it on the day I am off next week.  It needs to have its oil changed and other things checked like brakes and I hope he will take a look at anything that catches their eye.

I have the health coach tonight, and two meetings and right now lots of work to get back to so I am going to go do that…


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