I should have printed out my password lists as I am with the pups and I can’t remember some of the access stuff I need for certain sites.  I do have my memory stick but I can’t seem to get it into their tower connection.  I remember the Face book one and a few others but that’s it.  I remembered one of my Gmail accounts but that has all my NCIS stuff on it.
I had a headache this morning so I stayed in bed as long as I could and the kitties cooperated.  I even was lying on the couch after they got fed.  Tiger even sat on me for a while.  I think they were a little miffed because they knew I was leaving (they were playing with the overnight bag).  I got ready around 8:30 to be here by 9.  Unfortunately I got here at 9:30.  I was chatting with Neighbor Sylvia (I told her about something that happened to me yesterday and I will talk about it in a minute) and she was kvetching about same subject matter.

So what happened yesterday?  The guy who was flipping the house over the last several months came to the door and in essence asked me if I would get my lawn mowed in time for the open house this weekend.  I swore that I would never let any of my neighbors dictate to me how to live or take care of the house and yard. Well last night I was rummaging through the house for Lawn guys number and I couldn’t find it.  I had to contact his son through Face book.  Now my lawn guy came two weeks ago but with the rain and all the grass is a little high (not to my thigh high but it needs it).  My hope is that Lawn guy just shows up and does the lawn (or at least his son) or they call me.  I had asked neighbor Sean if he had the number when he worked for them and he didn’t but he told me I should not pay attention to the neighbors that asked me to do the lawn.  Anyway let’s hope the yard got done.  I will find out when I head back to the house later.

I have been on Face book on and off and chatted with some friends and a few of the pen pal groups.  I also chatted with Big Brother.  He is trying to do housework…trying being the key word here.

I took Mr. P out and now he is sleeping again.  I did let him lay on my lap and he liked that.  Preston is still upstairs hasn’t come downstairs except to bark and growl.  So when he is ready to do the walk…

I spoke to my sister just a little while ago.  She is continuing to prepare for her trip to Atlanta.  I might stop by and see her later on today.  We talked about the funeral of the Police officer who died earlier this week.  It wasn’t on duty.   There was an honor guard outside of the funeral home this morning.
I think I am going to go take a nap…


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