Mid Week Reflection

I just returned to work yesterday from an extended holiday weekend.  I was quite busy and it felt odd to start my week after-well almost everyone else and it felt like I was intruding at first.  I say almost because I was one of many in my aisle who took the extended and much needed weekend.

Monday’s MYWC Club picnic was fun.  Seven of the girls were able to attend while we were able to get a lovely time with Janet R.  She works with an orchestra as an Oboist.  She has told me the name a few times but I can’t remember it right now.

I was very pleased to get my 13 year old car back from the shop.  Everything has been repaired and updated for $1,000 plus and I may have to start thinking of getting this one replace eventually.  The Struts had to be replaced and aligned and tires had to be also replaced among the other things.

The rest of this short week sees my Pulmonary Test tomorrow.  I have decided to take the whole day off and do some errands like paying the freaking house taxes.  I have no intention of standing online for hours tomorrow but at least get the banking part done.

I have a 4th District meeting tomorrow night and will be preparing for it tonight come hell or highwater.  I have been neglecting my secretarial duties again.  We have our local convention in a couple of weeks to decide the slates for candidates and it will be interesting to see what happens.

I am seriously considering using the Peapod grocery Delivery service that Shoprite has for their shoppers especially if I have days like the ones I had over the weekend (labored breathing hard time walking).  I am just not sure how to go about doing it.

I have resigned myself to leave the spare bedroom open.  The kitties got into it yesterday and the only thing they mussed up was the bed blanket.  I have a hard time trying to keep it closed and all they do there right now is lie around sleep or explore or see if they can get out of the window like last week..


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