Not Feeling that Great tonight

I have been feeling like crap for most of the day.  At some point I started getting “the poops”. and it seemed to slow down until mid afternoon and anytime I would go to blow my nose.  I ended up canceling my appointment with the health coach.  It’s been rescheduled for later on in the month.  I was glad to be going home.

We had rain mid afternoon but it had stopped by the time we left the office but it started up again on the way home.  AGain didn’t last long but both times made it humid.  Its okay now.  

I believe my babies started to greet me at the door today.  As I was walking in they were walking towards the door and stopped as far as the chairs in the livingroom.  I can understand It was really oppressive in here.  I decided to open as many windows and doors as possible including the so called forbidden room.  Like I said it got better.

I made sure I laid on the floor to play with them (petting them mostly) for some reason Sky was slow to respond TL was very happy for the attention.  I could feel the heat coming off of them. Sky was more interested in seeing if he could get the storm door to magically open for him to go out.  I did put a bigger bowl of water out for them tonight.

I have a slight confession to make.  The whole drive home I couldn’t help imagine that I would find one or both of them under the small table/tv in the “forbidden” room.  They have been under it playing with the lace tablecloth.  There is a TV and cable box on it and yet when I came up to open the windows it was still in the same position it was when I left this morning.  God bless fertile imaginations.

They both got in the cellar but I didn’t have the energy or time to wait for them to come up at my beck and call.  After a few attempts I finally got them upstairs.  I was getting a little aggravated not only at them but the corner of the kitchen that leads to the cellar is cramped and awkward (yes I was also aggravated at myself). I did the rubbing of heads with Sky but I believe TL is sort of avoiding me.  Once it’s feeding time I am sure I will be their new best friend-again.

When i put the garbage out they were watching from the front door and as i was visiting with neighbors all I could think is he will push that storm door and he will get out.  He didn’t..

I did get some laundry done but not folded. I have a little more to do but I can do it in the morning.   I emptied the dishwasher too but need refill again.

I need to get to bed.  I would like to get to work very early and make a dent in the stuff I am doing (the rebatching denials) and the rest of the stuff before my long weekend.


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