Three busy days

The last few days got very busy for me.  As you may remember i had bingo Sunday morning.  We were full capacity and we entertained the thought of getting a bigger room.  It may come to the point that I may change my times of bingo.  I have to think about and call in the next few days.  After Bingo I went to Sis’s.

They were just getting into the house when I arrived.  I got in and we were going to have coffee but soon after it became grand central station.  First it was Rich, the Cousin Donna, some phone calls and then Liz’s Friend Rick.  There was a lot of joking and laughing.  AFter a while Rich and Donna left and then so did I. I headed to the mall.

My first stop was Buy Buy BAby.  I have to tell you it is a great place.  I had no trouble getting there because I moved slowly.  They helped me find the gift and they wrapped it for me.  After that I headed to Carrabba’s..

It was kind of quiet but the service was quite good. I had the Tuscan Pork Skewers with a salad and bread.  It was fairly expensive and I am not sure I would go back there for lunch.  Maybe a dinner but that’s it.  Liz called me while I was waiting for a meal so she headed to the AT&T store in the mall.

This little bit led to a misunderstanding she thought I saw inside the mall (and I clearly said by Chipotles.  Luckily we got passed that was able to buy me a new Android phone.  I am still trying to get used to it.  I have been able to send messages and working on getting email.  We were done by 3.

I was done for the day by then.  I couldn’t do the grocery shopping by then.  I didn’t do much for the rest of the night and went to bed by 9.  Liz did help me get the phone set up for the wifi before I called it quits.

Monday was a busy day as well.  I was going non-stop.  It was also the day Livi came and did a great job on the house.  Now lets see how long I can keep it up.  BIL had surgery and according to liz he was in pain today and I think began some PT.

Today started off with a little bit of rain and ended with rain.  I think we are supposed to get more during the night.  Work was busy again for me but I kept playing with the phone a few times.  I some how got it on safe mode and it won’t come off.  I have already had to play around with it and may have to go back and get it reset.

I finally made it to the grocery store.  Managed to get everything and a few extras as well.  As usual it only took about an hour.  I was home by 6 and  played with the kitties for a bit.  I put dinner by 6 and 45 minutes later I  was eating one of the stuffed chicken breasts.

i let the kitties go down in the cellar while I put some stuff down there and I checked in on them and they went up by themselves (I would like to think they did) without me having to chase them.  THey also spent some time in my old bedroom.  I left the door open for them to come out and they did (the door is now closed).

I feel as though I am rambling and not making much sense so I am going to bed.


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