It’s the Weekend Again

I can’t believe it’s the weekend-again.  The last few days were incredibly long and now I am tired and just want to sleep.

My brother came Wednesday night around 8 we went out to dinner to a local and very popular diner/restaurant near the house.  We talked about his trip to GA (the same one our sister went to) and what he liked about it and we talked about stuff I was interested in.

I was quite pleased the kitties didn’t go into hiding very long with Jim around.  HE brought them some gifts (toys and the laser beam thing everyone raves about).  I do think they stayed downstairs for a while like usual when we went to bed but they came up later.

Thursday morning was the consult with the Thoracic Surgeon.  He asked me a lot of Questions after looking at the CT Scan from the hospital I gave.  He basically said this was autoimmune problem and its random.  He wants me to get another ct-scan in August and then see him right after.  That’s when we will schedule the biopsy.  He explained what will happen and what could happen.  After the appointment Jim left for home and I went to work.

The rest of that day was busy for me as I attended the DT C Convention.  It went very well.  Many people asked me about the Oxygen and I explained.  After the convention I came home and went to bed I think.

Work on Friday was very busy.  I made some phone calls for other Dr. Appointments and I went to Liz’s for Dinner.  We ate late but that’s okay.  Liz was trying to put the fear of God in me for not using the Oxygen right.   By the end of the night I made a promise to call the medical supply (by 9 it was too late) to reorder more tanks.

It was that night I set up the crates for the cats to get used to for their trip to the Vets.  SKy went into one.  I didn’t do exactly as Cousin DL suggested as I wasn’t comfortable with those but I would learn later it would have been fine.

I called my Friend Mama Joanie as she wasn’t at work yesterday and she was having the last procedure on her legs.  It didn’t seem to help her at all.

After that call I went to bed.  I did find it hard every time I had to get back into bed to breath and a little bit of pain.  Not sure what it was but I had to stifle some painful cries.  After taking some of the low dose aspirin and muscle relaxants I eventually went to sleep.  Sky slept on the bed for a good part of the night and cuddled some too.

Today was their Physical.  Lets just say only one got their physical and I got a physical work out with Tiger.  I had gotten Sky in his and got him in the car.  Unfortunately forgot to leave doors or windows open and so my loyal neighbors stayed with him and opened the doors until I was ready to go.  I didn’t follow the steps completely that Donna and others suggested and almost had Tiger in the crate until she escaped from me.  Now I have at least a two inch scratch on me.  My Neighbor Kim tried to help me and we were not as successful and Tiger went into hiding until 2.

SKy meowed the entire ride over.  I talked with him but it didn’t help much.  Once we got there they took us in (despite being early) and I told them we would have to reschedule for Tiger.

Sky was so well behaved.  He had gotten checked out.  He had his distemper and was given his micro-chip that I registered when I got home.  He is Twelve pounds and the vet says he is healthy.  She answered my questions about the natural remedies that DL recommended and about the food.  She wants me to measure the kibble out better so he won’t get overweight.  I got the flea and tick stuff that I gave each of them tonight.  (Not sure it went all the way on them)and Tiger hissed at me too.

When I brought Sky home I let him out and ran upstairs for a few hours and I stayed downstairs and watched TV and surfed the net and had coffee.  They both came down around 2 and ambled around the house and then as promised I let them go down to the cellar for a few hours.  They did come up on their own and went back down and then came back up again I closed the door.  They are pretty quiet right now.  I think they are out back right now.

I had pizza for dinner tonight and have been watching Star Trek and various other shows.  I made some calls and chatted online with some friends and neighbors (thanking them for their help).

Now that it’s 9:30 and I have to get stuff out of the dryer and start the dishwasher I will say good night.


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