Taking it Easy today

It is just after 9 in the morning and we just had a thunderstorm that left quickly as it came.  It’s still raining though.  I have been up since six and got the kitties fed.    They have been ambling around and ate.  Sky is now calling for Tiger.  I am not sure where she is at the moment.  She has clearly gotten over yesterday’s traumatic experience.

Anyway, as the title says I am taking it easy today.  My stomach is feeling a little queasy.  So I called the nursing home and told them I wasn’t coming in today.   The only thing I might do is go and get kitty food and litter.  

I talked with Liz around 9 last night about a few things among them the oxygen tanks.  She suggested that we ask questions about ways to maximize the tanks.  She feels I should stay home tomorrow until the tanks come.  I told her I called but had to leave a message.  She had a few suggestions about maybe taking an extra one to the office (and leaving it in the car) and change it off after one is finished.

I think I will work on the two letters I have here.  I still have a few others I have been wanting to write to as well.

Just took a picture of Tiger who has been curled up in between the loveseat and couch.  I posted it to Facebook.  I posted Sky’s picture last night and thought about I didn’t have that many of Tiger.  Exception being the wrestling and under the table.  SKy is in the spring mattress upstairs.

I did pay a couple of bills in the last couple of days and need to check for anymore.

In the mean time I will close out…Have a great morning…


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