Yesterday was like every other Monday

Monday was like every other Monday.  I got up, I  take care of the kitties needs, I get my coffee and get ready for work.  But for one thing Yesterday  was the third anniversary of my brother’s passing.  He was helping my sister-in-law move furniture around (their offices) and he sat down to moderate a blog he was a part of and had a massive heart attack..  He never regained consciousness again.,  He was honored very nicely by the members of his blog and on the website from the funeral home..  His family put memoriams up since last night..

Since his death one of his sons returned home, his other son got married and is currently stationed in Florida and his only daughter is living in NY with a very handsome and kind man.,  She is an actress (talented) and has been in theater for years.  She was doing a role she has done many times before but this summer it was on broadway.  There have been changes as well.  My SIL is in the process of selling the house they have lived in for many years.  His Daughter is dealing with some health challenges and of course our mother passed away from Cancer.  

Work was busy.  The rest the teams received news they will be moving around but don’t know when.  I happened to find out on Friday before B went on Vacation.  I will be moving from my office with a door to two cubicles in the same aisle in the back.  I have no idea when but according to “B” it will be sooner than later.  “S” has said not to worry about it they would handle and take care of my move..  

It looks like I will be going for that lung biopsy  after all.  the thoracic Surgeon called and said that the pulmonary Doc says she wants me to have the biopsy despite knowing about the enlarged heart..  I am not sure if they have called the cardiologist or not but I did at my Sister’s insistence.  When I called  my Brother he was not helpful.  The office scheduler has to call me back. so it should be in the next couple of  weeks.

I still have to get the Dr.s signature on the Handicap parking permit but they close at 3:30.  I think someone said I could fax it and from there get the tag.  I also have to fill out the FMLA application extension.  

I got Windows 10 installed.  I am not sure how different it is.  I like the set up so far.  

I need to get ready for work.


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