I survived it.

I left here on Monday just about 11:30 or so Liz picked me up and we signed in and went into what I call the prep room to get the vitals all the information and then dressed (or undressed). I was originally scheduled for 1:45 but didn’t get in until 2:15. The last thing I remember was going into the OR and getting set up. I was a little anxious because the mask was a bit large and claustaphobic but the nice man calmed my nerves and the next thing I knew I was being wheeled into in SICU. I lost all track of time.

Unfortunately as I was getting settled in one of the other SICU rooms was starting to flood so they had to move me down past the three affected rooms. I was placed in a room far removed from the excitement. I was there until Wednesday afternoon. During that time they had me walking, they took x-rays, and of course bloodwork, and of course the normal meds. I tried to get some extra sleep since I am normally a light sleeper. Before I left they took the tubes out that they used for the actual procedure and the drainage tubes and let me tell you it may have been a quick thing to do but it hurt like hell. I cried like a baby.

After that I waited for Liz to come pick me up which turned out to be around 1. She had to take care of things before she got there. Needless to say I was rather annoyed. We didn’t get home until 2 and Jim was supposed to be there by then but didn’t get there until 3.

I did manage to get some sleep while waiting for Jim. Once he got there Liz left and we did our own stuff. Jim took care of the garbage and got dinner and we walked and then watched TV the rest of the evening.

Today we had a visit from the Home Healthcare and they will start Friday. After the initial intake was done she left and I took a shower. The rest of the day I was either watching TV or napping and making some calls. Late this afternoon my stomach wasn’t feeling great.

Oh and the kitties were a little miffed at me. Sky didn’t come around until 5 yesterday and Sky didn’t come out from under the bed until 4 am this morning. She did stay near me a lot during the day. But they were both getting back into normal routine.

Tonight Jim is going to get up in time to see the Mars and Moon event. I am probably going to be sleeping.


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