I was up

Want to know what I was doing at 2:30 in the morning? I was up eating a Lean Cuisine Ravioli dish and surfing the net.   I started getting hungry and thought I would get up and while waiting I began to surf the net.

I found some emails from Mama Roberta that she sent just after I went to bed last night so I answered them. I checked my Facebook Time line one more time and I sent a birthday wish to my 6th grade Teacher Greta. I also found out that my Mom’s and Sister’s favorite PBS show Downton Abby was preparing for its 6th and final season.

Both my wrists were hurting so I took some Tylenol. They have stopped hurting for now. I have no idea why they have been hurting me now since I have been home. It will be something to tell the nurse later on this morning when she visits.

The kitties seem anxious to go back up to bed.   Before I came downstairs they were both sleeping on the floor. I was surprised to find Tiger up there but I heard her crying and (I am guessing looking for Sky) so after he got tired of sleeping on the bed he laid down on the floor by the water bowl. She was sleeping near the TV table.

I am ready to go back to sleep now…


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