Not feeling so great

I feel like I just want to go back and sleep. I am not sure what caused me to get sick to my stomach but as I was feeding the cats I heaved something. I have been slow to eat anything even though I am starting to get hungry. I did have coffee and so far hasn’t done anything.

It could have been everything I had yesterday. Who knows? I know that I should have stayed away from the potato chips. My hands felt like round little balls of pain. My neck was bothering me too. I took Tylenol last night not sure I want to right now though.

I am going to have to get new rubber bands for the closet door. The ones I had on it broke yesterday and the kitties are making themselves at home. I tried to get them out of there this morning they just looked at me with “yeah right” look. I am just not up to making that big a deal about it.

I called my sister today and there was no answer. I didn’t realize they had sent a message to not call they were going to take a nap. I wish I had seen that before I called. My phone was upstairs and I was downstairs.

Around noon time I chatted with my brother via text. We are both having a slow day. We talked about our cats and all. Not sure I want to tell him they are in the closet again. Sky came down for a short time and laid on the love seat.

The rest of the afternoon slept and watched TV and had lunch. I tried having fruit and candy and it didn’t make my stomach any better. I had to take Tylenol again for the hands. The shoulder seems okay as long as I don’t exert it.

I called Livia and sent a text her to let her know I am getting the rugs done tomorrow and I don’t want too much Chaos going on around here. I did get a text from her letting me know she was coming by 8:30 My hope is she will be done by the time they get here and will have finished the downstairs. At least when I talked with Liz later that’s what she felt.

Late this afternoon Liz called me and wanted to know I was having company. It was Chef Maureen. The Talented chef who made dinner for Mom and us a few times last summer. I have been following her on Facebook and it’s been fun watching all of her accomplishments. When she came over it was great. Gave me reminders on what to cook and how to cook it.

While she was here Sky was here and although tried to run away he stayed a little\ longer. I was so proud of him. Tiger stayed up there until about 6.

I found a really cool site for crossword puzzles (and its free) Boatload My highest score is 539. The last puzzle I did I had three words solved for me.

I still have laundry going and I need to fold some stuff then I am going to bed. I really don’t know what else to move (maybe let the rug guys do that tomorrow).

Well I hope you all had a great day and are enjoying the temperatures. Its beautiful tonight too.


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