Crazy Busy Day

This day has been crazy busy. It all started by me getting up around 6 and getting the kitties fed and relaxing before getting ready for the ultrasound. I was really hungry and in need of coffee and decided that when it was over I would treat myself to DD Pumpkin spice coffee and breakfast.

I managed to leave the house by 7:45 and get to the hospital with no problems I did bring water with me for the trip home as it was very hot and it was not even 8:30. I got to the hospital and to the clinic (for lack of a better term) signed some papers and chatted with a woman who was getting another test. The time flew by and it was my turn for the ultrasound. There was a student observer and the tech was efficient, pleasant, and lovely. She did the ultrasound and then took the pictures to the doctor to look and came back said I was done. By then it was 9. It seemed a lot later.

AS I had said I stopped by the DD and got my breakfast and headed home. It was nearly 9:30 then and Livia was well into her job of cleaning the house. I had already explained to her that the guys were coming around 10 and we decided that the kitchen floor could be done in two weeks. While she cleaned I ate out back and then went upstairs. I asked her about using those things to hold sheets on bed (they sort of look like the garters for stockings) we did those. At one point. The kittens by this time were either in the closet or under the bed. I watched TV and got on the computer.

The Rug guys came around 10:30 and we chatted about what was to be done and a little about their history (my way of getting to know them) I asked Livia to be sure the door was shut in the bedroom and they got started. It took about an hour for them to do the work. There were some spots that were not coming out but overall they did an awesome job. I paid them and gave them $20 tip. I just have to move things back for the most part. Not a lot just some area rugs and chairs and stuff like that.

Livia was finished after they left and we discussed the next time she would be here.

I had gotten a call from Dr. T inviting me to go take a look at a nursing home in Ansonia that we may be doing the Veteran’s Day service at instead of the other place. We made arrangements to meet at her house and drive there (I offered) by the end of the Day I got an email letting me know that Roberta would join us.

After everything was quieting down I was checking Facebook and found Roberta had key situation (Papa M) inadvertently taken them with him to work and she had to be somewhere. Well I found out she walked to her appointment just over a mile down the road in the heat. I left her a message and told her to call me I would pick her up. Instead I called the salon and told her I was on my way. I brought water with me and teasingly threatened her if she did this again. So we had lunch at Wendy’s and then went to Papa’s office and got the keys. I dropped her off at the house and then went to the post office.

After the post office (no didn’t get anything) I headed home. The kitties had not come downstairs yet but I went upstairs. I tried to stay upstairs to give the rugs a chance to dry but I needed a few things like looking for the thumb drive I have had downstairs all week. It’s gone. I have looked everywhere. I fell asleep and so did they.

Eventually we all went down and they walked on the rugs and I did too but barefoot. I made dinner and had it up here. I had a bowl of cereal ate it down there. I did close the doors and locked them.

Since I couldn’t find the other thumb drive I used the one in Mom’s office. Unfortunately, my old computer is slow and it was updating and doing a whole of stuff that aggravated me so I was able to retrieve an older version of an intro letter for pen paling. I may have to do something with that computer I just don’t know what.

I talked with Jim today. I wanted to let him know about the rug job but I woke him up so I didn’t stay long. Tonight I did hear from my nephew James. He is great. He sounds excited about school this year and he told me his classes.

>English III

>College Algebra


>Honors Economics

>A.P. U.S. History

>Spanish 4

He admits it will be challenging but he has always been very smart so I think he will do well. I haven’t heard from his sisters yet but that’s okay.

I had spoken to Liz a few times today. The last time was to BS and she was having dinner. I told her about the thumb drive debacle. She laughed because she didn’t know what I would find on Mom’s.

I heard from Mama Joanie today. She sounded tired and weary. She said she has good days and bad days. She told me that Oxford, Monroe were among a few schools that didn’t close due to the heat. Most if not all schools did this today but as the rug guys and I discussed how different things were compared to when we went to school? For example we never had early dismissal when it was hot especially in June. We may have had early dismissals for winter and snow but we had snow days too.

Well its getting late and I have another long day tomorrow.


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