Random Thoughts

With all the sleeping I did today I can’t sleep now. So a whole bunch of thoughts have been running through my head. Mostly when and if I move to a condo, or apartment. What of the millions of things that I have would take with me? What of the millions of things would I put into storage, give away, and or sell? Would I start from the attic and move my way down? There are so many things that we have gathered over the years do I want them still? The furniture that’s here would I need it if and when I move? Would I get new furniture?

I was looking tonight at places and there seems to be slim pickings except for Avalon over on Woodmont Road. The floor plans look great and the pictures are great and it’s centrally located to the highway, to the post office and of course the stores. It’s also pet friendly. I was already trying to plan on where to put the litterboxes.  I realize that is the least of my worries right now.

I know I may need either Liz or Jim to help with the looking at and whatever else there is.


Well It is after midnight and I am going to try and get back upstairs for bed…


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