Saturday Doings

It is a beautiful Saturday morning.   According to the weather forecast its 62 degrees (and it feels like it is) and is partially sunny. However we are supposed to get thunderstorms later on today and into tonight and tomorrow. So that means whatever I need to do might have to be done this morning before noon.

What would that be you ask? Well I need to get a couple more things that I forgot on the list yesterday. I am going to be making kebobs and I need peppers. I have a couple things other than that too. I also want to get to the post office as I haven’t checked it since maybe Thursday.

So yesterday was the 14th Anniversary of 9/11. I put the TV on did the moment of silence and a little prayer. I couldn’t watch the continuous coverage of the reading of the names and all the services because it was heartbreaking. So I watched other things. It doesn’t mean I don’t care but I just couldn’t see it anymore

The rest of the day I managed to clear off the “pantry shelves” in the cellar. I had started the night before but finished it yesterday. My next job is the freezer. My other goal is to straighten out my old bed room.

I called the Rheumatologist to see if they got the results from the retest on Thursday but they didn’t but she said not to worry about the test and or the UTI. However, I need to see Dr. I (the pulmonary Dr) before going back to work. That means I have another week before I go back to work. I really was getting aggravated with the PA. She was saying that next time I should have them fill out the FMLA that usually it should be a doctor that I see frequently. They originally said to go to “them” first and then to them…so going forward if I have to fill out the forms again that I will automatically go to Rheumatologist.

I called Jim after receiving a text about going back to work and the next step. I thought I would call and bring him up to speed. He suggested I call then to let the office know I wasn’t coming in yet. I can do it Monday morning. I told him about the condo search. He thinks $2k is a bit expensive.

When I talked with Liz later on in the day she was in agreement that it was expensive and a bit smaller then I am used to. She suggested maybe making the dining room my bedroom and put doors up. Have the wardrobe that’s in the spare guest room downstairs. However, I like the two closets I have in the bedroom.

Dinner was actually Steak. I probably should have done a little more but I had chips and salsa so by dinner time I was not hungry. Today will be the cooking projects I hope.

Before I do anything though I have to put in a new lightbulb in the bathroom.


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