The Cooking session

After going to the store and getting the ingredients and a few extra things I managed to get it going late in the afternoon.  I put it together and cooked them for about 45 minutes.  First I baked them and then broiled.  It was a bit rare and chewy which means to me it needed to marinade longer than an hour or cooked longer.

The rain came around dinner time.  It was so windy the cats disappeared for a while.  Sky came out and slept with me at bed time but Tiger apparently stayed in the cellar until this morning.  Anytime she disappears like that (and yes I did go searching for her) and doesn’t come when I call I usually start to think she got out or was sick or hurt.  When I heard her meowing this morning I was quite relieved.  So I got up and fed them.  Tiger has been really very cuddly.  She even sat with me a few times and I managed to get this:

Now she is upstairs sleeping in the bedroom (I am guessing) with her brother.  Needless to say I am relieved she is safe.  I know I panic so much but she is important to me.

I am just watching NCIS “it’s all relative” marathon on USA until I get ready for Bingo.  I will finish it when I get back at 3 and watch for the rest of the night (while doing other things).

I am not sure what I want to do for dinner.  I finish the kebobs this morning.  I put everything else in the freezer except the pork loin.  I don’t want to eat it for tonight.  I will cook it but order pizza tonight.    I guess that’s what I am doing.

The sun is out and it’s nice.  I wasn’t sure if we would get sunshine as it was cloudy this morning.  We are getting more rain later this afternoon.   Gee what a concept.  It will be a quiet night then.

Well I better get going….see you later.


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