What did I do today?

This morning after I posted my previous blog entry I managed to get the clothes folded but not brought upstairs. That I can put off for now. I probably will have more to do on that front.

I managed to call the Mayor’s office to find out where to send the proposal Lawn-guy provided for me last week. The nice lady transferred me to the sewer commission and I had to leave a message. Shortly after that she called me back and told me to send it to her and she would forward it to the consult. I am going to mail it shortly after my shower.

I then did some pen pal work. I found a new e-pal from Alice and Rebecca’s Pen pal Groups on Facebook. That’s when I had computer problems. The thumb drive I had the revised intro letter wouldn’t work. I tried it on both computers. I lost my documents that I had been using.  So I had to update the one I had and sent it via email to the new pal and will save it (eventually to the pen pal file on Google Drive for the times I need to email it. I also organized the pen pal folder on it. I renamed it to Pen pal folder and moved all the individual pen pal files into it.

When I messed up on the thumb drive I thought I would do a virus scan check on both computers. The one on the PC upstairs is still going. The one on the laptop finished a couple of hours ago and there are no problems. The thumb drive (I really hate this one) is currently sitting on the floor where I threw it. Apparently I have been not “ejecting” it from the computers right. Now I don’t have any thumb drives and have to wonder how do you reformat one when you get it? Now I have to start all over on the birthday list and password list I was working on.

I also paid some bills. So I am caught up for now. I have a few due next week. It should be fine.

I got a call from my financial advisor that helped me set up the mutual funds I have an appointment on Friday morning. This couldn’t have come at a better time. Its something that Liz has been wanting me to check on.

I also did some cooking. I was looking to find roasted potato recipes and I found some but I needed shallots, and garlic. I have neither one. However, I prepared the pork loin to be cooked.  The roasted potatoes will be have to be for another day.

I have a large cookie sheet and put oil in it and then opened the package and realized there were two in it and oiled them up and seasoned with Rosemary, Thyme, and a lot of Mrs. Dash. The directions said to cook it at 425 degrees for 20-30 minutes per pound (I am thinking an hour and 20 minutes). I have some frozen vegetables I can cook up. I am already getting a list for the Grocery store ready.

I talked with my family today. I sent a text to Jim to let him know how I did with the mayor’s office. He was pleased by that and offered to get a transmittal letter. I didn’t think there was a need for it. I called Liz and told her about the FMLA being approved, the proposal submission (neither of these I told her about earlier in the week). I also told her about the financial advisor appointment.

Now I am going to run to the post office.


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