The Big E

Yesterday morning The Eastern States Expo began its 21 day annual event. It has been going on for 99 years now and according to the reports from the local TV station they have new vendors, new foods, and are dealing quite well with the some traffic challenges. They have also the standby vendors.

I don’t remember the first time I went but I have been there several times through the years and it was mostly with my friend Dave. Some days were pure rain, sunshine, most times very long days as we never got home before midnight. I remember seeing the Mandrell sisters, Trisha Yearwood, John Tesh, and probably a lot more. There were some unforgettable acts too. None that come to mine. According to the Big E Website attendance Records were broken at 73,213 yesterday. I am not sure what todays will be. You can find the daily schedule on their website. I am not sure when or if I will be going this year. It depends on what is coming up.

Today has been fairly quiet and lazy. I have some aches and pains (the shoulders) and the breathing spasms have been hurting in the chest. In no way think it’s a “heart attack”. It’s just very annoying and at times painful.

I called Liz this morning to let her know that I had talked to Jim yesterday and told her the news he had some chest pains earlier this week. We hadn’t known he was prone to this but when I spoke to him later on in the morning it happened to him right after he was here for Mom’s living treasure award (he had been in a car accident that same night on the way here).

The weather today has been nice. It’s about 80 degrees and not very sunny. I was going to the post office but I haven’t anything ready for there yet. So I am staying here.

It’s Hawaiian pizza for dinner tonight and its here…


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