Already 70 degrees

It was 71 degrees at 6 in the morning, the temperature seemed to drop for the rest of the day.  I don’t know how warm it got but it was beautiful the entire day.  It was a nice breeze.  It is pretty cool tonight I don’t think we need the fans on tonight.

I have my clothes picked out for tomorrow.  One of the black pair of pants and a pretty nice sweater.  I called JanetN this afternoon to let her know I was coming to work tomorrow and she was catching me up on some stuff that had slight changes.  I am already figuring out what is going to be done first..

While I got some of the laundry done (and I still have to fold the stuff) I also spent time on the computer.  I was working on some letters and I made a new pen pal from California.  I finally got it already to mail tonight.  The upstairs computer was giving me grief.  Which is normal for that one.

After lunch I got ready for bingo.  I tried to leave by 1:30 but things seemed to stop me.  One was the garbage. I heard it go down this morning but I didn’t see who got into it.  I picked it up off the ground and then left for DD.  The line and service was slow.

Bingo went well.  Bob was there we had 18 residents playing. Despite the fact I was running late I managed to start on time.  We even managed to finish on time too.  I was pleased about that.

After Bingo I headed to Sis’s house.  She was taking a nap and had to get up anyway.  I was there for nearly an hour and half.  We talked about work, health, family, and stuff like that. I think I got back home by 5.

The kitties were still up in the spare bedroom where I left them earlier in the dya.  They didn’t come down until maybe 6.  They amused themselves between downstairs, running around the house, and I just watched TV and worked on the computer.

Sky kept me company when I was updating my new Pen pal Rebecca’s file.  He even sat on my lap.  Not sure where he is now (the house is dark)and Tiger has been keeping herself busy lying about the back door.

The cleaning lady comes tomorrow.  I am really hoping she remembers to do the kitchen floor like she promised she would when she was here last.  I also hope she is going to do the cellar stairs.  They really need cleaning.

Well I am getting tired and I need to get to bed so I can get some sleep.  I am actually looking forward to that sleep study on Wednesday.


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