The last Day of Summer 2015

Today was the last day of summer 2015. It felt like it first thing this morning but it got a little warmer as the day went on. I managed to get out in it when I had to go to my car for my pocketbook at break time. Then again at 4 when I was heading to Debra’s.

If I had my phone with me I would have known I didn’t have to be at Debra’s today after all and I would have been home a hellava lot earlier than I was. Ah well. It looks like we will be meeting on Thursday afternoon. We probably will be finding another day and time for our sessions as her schedule is changing for the fall.

Work is fine. Still keeping up with things. One thing I didn’t mention yesterday was while I was out on sick/medical leave our CFO Roger D died unexpectedly. There is a collection still going on that I need to contribute to.

For Dinner I stopped at Adams Grocery Store and picked up some eggplant Parm and pierogis and onions. It was a lot but I ate it all.

My left shoulder has been hurting on and off all day. I am going to take some Tylenol and have some tea and the hit the sack.

I have already packed my overnight bag for the sleep study tomorrow. I am going to send the dishwasher through so the kitties will have dishes for breakfast tomorrow. I can empty it Thursday night.


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