Didn’t have the sleep study.

I got a call today from the center and said they were still waiting on the authorization code from the insurance company but at that moment they had to cancel my study until they do get the info.  They will call to reschedule.  I was all prepared to do it but at the same tiem relieved because I would be leaving the cats alone-again.  Yeah i know they are cats and don’t care and independent but I still feel guilty about it.  I am also relieved to be sleeping in my own bed. I have to admit I probably would have gotten a good night sleep.  I am tired now.

Work was fine.  As I have been suspecting all along the union is beginning preparations for our newest contract.  One of the issues is health insurance.  The current plan is due to go up and get expenstive for management to pay and as a result our raises and other items would be affected.

One of my co-workers also began working on organizing our Christmas party.  Its going to be December 4th in Woodbridge.  Cost will be about 48 dollars.  It should be fun..I believe the place is Birchwood.  Never heard of it but I am sure there are many places I haven’t heard of around here.

The herbal tea is calling me and I need to answer…


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