First weekend of fall

Good Evening. I have been told this is the first weekend of the fall thanks to the news lady on channel 8. It was a chilly start and not really bright sunny at 7:20 in the morning. I was not feeling so great. I have been having the runs a little and I am not sure exactly although it wouldn’t be a huge surprise to think it was the chips and dips last night. I was feeling rather achy today. The shoulder is hurting and as soon as soon as I had something to eat I took the meds.

The neighbors next door put up a fence. It’s the one between their garage and the kitchen wall. He came to me a couple of days and showed me where they were putting it and they were taking down the Rose of Sharon bushes. They can do it because it’s on their property. The fence is nice and it will look nice.

Around 11:00 I left for the post office-empty, then I headed to the salon. It was Karen’s birthday so we were treated to cake and coffee. We had a great discussion and got my haircut. I will post the new look tomorrow.

After I headed back to the house to get my id’s I headed to Liz’s to go shopping. She invited me before I left for the salon. It was nearly 1 and after I said hello to Nephew Michael he was working on the new bathroom. All that has to be done is everything connected and painted and stuff it will be done.

We went to the Burlington Coat factory Store in Stratford. We were there for several hours. We each got something. For me it was a blouse, a pair of black pants, a new dress for the baptism (and anything else nice) a coat, and a new pocketbook. Liz got blouses and dresses, and a new coat, and hangers and stuff like that. We left there by 4 stopped at D&D and then got home to Liz’s by 5. I left there after about 15 minutes after showing off my “loot”.

When I left there I had every intention of getting the cat food and then have dinner. Well I had dinner first at IHOP the crepe promo they have been showing on TV. I had made it a combo with hash browns, sausage, and eggs. I had a strawberry shake (I could have done without). I was done by 6 and heading home.

The babies were ambling around the downstairs when I get home. A lot different than when I left which was in the closet in the bedroom. They were cuddled up. Something I wouldn’t have minded to do myself.

I managed to get food shopping done and hung up stuff. I have the other things to hang up when I get to bed which will be soon as I am achy again. I also closed some of the windows as I am chilly.



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