The morning was a chilly but sunny 57 degrees.  I tried really hard to stay in bed and had some success despite the fact Sky and Tiger were meowing like crazy.  I was still a little achy and stiff but I think now that I have meds and my vitamins it’s subsided for now.

I am tickled pink that Tiger started coming back to sleeping on the bed again.  For several months she has slept everywhere but there (at least at night) during the day she goes up (evidence by this weekend).  However Sky chased her away last night which surprised me.  This morning while I was coming up to take my meds they were sleeping next to each other.

Sky was very lovable.  She wanted me to pet her so we sat on the couch for a while and she was somewhat snuggly.  She is upstairs again now.  Sky is on the prowl again.  I am not sure what he was looking for.

The groceries arrived just about noon.  I was beginning to worry as it was cutting into the time for me to get ready for bingo and lunch.  I put everything away and now have to rearrange stuff in the refrigerator and maybe cook some stuff today.

The afternoon was somewhat weird.  As I was getting dressed the kitties were cuddled up on the bed together.  I took their picture not realizing that there was a reflection of me half dressed.  I posted it to Facebook and about an hour later I got a phone call from a co-worker telling me she got a message saying I posted the picture.  Well I checked my own messages and found a few more indicating that it looked like I was naked.  Well I called Liz as I was sitting in the car out in front of the nursing home panicked.  She was sort of laughing about it and if I had a better sense of humor at the time I probably would be laughing too.  Anyway she told me how to delete it and it worked.  I texted VH and asked her if she could still see it and she said it was gone and so did Liz.  Once that was taken care of I ran inside and took over for Natalie.  I would later find out that someone reported me to Facebook.

Bingo went well.  Marni was there and I managed to see Natalie for a short time. We played for an hour and of course I told Marnie what had transpired.  By then I was making jokes about it.  I don’t know how many residents were there but it went by quickly.  Marnie offered me some cake afterwards and we chatted for a bit

When I left I stopped by my sister’s but both were resting or sleeping.  When I told Nelson that he said whoever reported me was not really my friend.  He doesn’t like social media.  He also saw the picture and thought nothing of it.

It after 4 when I got home.  I got on the computer right away and checked out messages and did some crossword puzzles.  Liz called me around 6 and we talked about the incident and she said there are things she no longer shares and has had to unfriend people because of the stuff that’s been posted on Facebook.  I felt much better about the situation and so we hung up.

I had chili for dinner and yogurt and then watched TV.  I straightened up the kitchen and now I am going to fold some clothes and continue with the laundry.


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