Saturday Doings

Since it is a rainy Saturday it is and has been a quiet and low key day. I managed to stay in bed until six. When Sky was very persistent in getting me up.

Since I have been up I fed the cats, watched TV, had some pizza (the rest actually) and did some laundry and hung up the stuff that was sitting here on the couch for a few days. Working on some files too.

The groceries were delivered and put away and I had the Greek Oikos yogurt and it’s pretty good. I think I will get these again. I have some ideas at what I will be having for dinner too.

I have to say overall I am feeling better than last night. My hand took some time stop hurting. If I used it the wrong way or turned it the wrong way it would hurt. The pain has subsided now.

The afternoon will be working on files and letters and finishing the laundry and hanging stuff up.


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