Tuesday is done

Despite leaving the house later then I like I managed to get to the office exactly at 8.  I spent the four hours that I was there working on the readdress mail and opening some of the mail that arrived.  The other two hours I sorted the NEMG EOBs and delivered them.  I am sure the rest of the mail that came after I left will be waiting for me.

I left the office at 12 fully expecting to have some sort of traffic on the route I usually take.  Well I didn’t take that route but down 34 to ET Grasso and up towards UNH.  Man there is a lot of construction going on around there.  When I finally got to the highway I decided to get lunch at McDonalds on the highway.  It wasn’t far from the exit I had to get off for the Drs. Office.  My appointment was at 1.

I was there for nearly an hour and half.  I had the annual visual field test which was normal (to check to see if the plaquenil is hurting the eyes).  The rest of the shorter exam went well too.  I will see him again in April.  They will be sending me an appointment card as their system went down.

When I left it was nearly quarter of 3 so I stopped at my sister’s house.  She wasn’t home but my nephew Chris was there working on the new bathroom.  We talked while he cleaned up and continued to work.  It was after 3 when I left and I was home by 3:30.

I had to clean up the garbage that was knocked over by some deviant critter.  It actually was like that when I left this morning but I didn’t have time to stop.  For the most part its done but it probably needs  more cleaning and raking which I couldn’t do that right now.

I did some straightening up (putting the dehumidifier collection gizmo downstairs) and when I came upstairs the kitties were waiting at the top of the stairs.  I am surprised they didn’t come down the minute they heard the door open.  Sky came down and was walking around meowing loudly.  I am not sure if he heard anything (someone told me they can hear the mice upstairs or even downstairs).  He did come down for a snack.  They are both sleeping upstairs I think.  The last time I looked Tiger was on the bed and he was on the office chair by “the door”.

I have some laundry going and made some homemade pizza toast and fell asleep for a while.  Now all I am waiting on is NCIS.

The weather was very nice today.  It was chilly in the morning but got in to the high 60’s.  It is supposed to get to the high 50’s overnight.  I think tomorrow and Thursday is the days its supposed to be 70.  Sunset was at 6:28 this evening.  I can still see some of the blue sky but for the most part its dark in the house. I don’t feel like putting the lights on yet.

Tomorrow is my first infusion.  Roberta will be picking me up here at 12:30 and when she finishes her errands she will be picking me up around 4.  I am not sure what to expect but I am sure it will be okay.  I am planning on bringing the lap top so I can do stuff.

Well I hope your Tuesday was good…


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