Glad to be home

I am glad to be home now. The afternoon was busy splitting my time between the readdress mail and the Insurance EOBs. I managed to get 1 ½ piles done. As usual I was rushing to get the outgoing campus mail into the bin for the morning pick up. I didn’t want to hold anyone one up. I had let my supervisor B know I would be splitting my time between the two and he said it was okay.

Something seemed to be going on late in the day. I could feel some tension in the air (or as EV said it was in my head). It just might have been but truly the whole moving around and some of the decisions have the staff members questioning things.

The ride home was good. My intention was to pick up my prescription at the Pharmacy. As I was driving home I called my sister and brother-in-law but they had just gotten home from a day of tests, shopping and both were tired. So I decided to come home. Actually I automatically drove home.

When I arrived I found the house not cleaned. I have to figure out what day she is coming. I am not pleased but maybe I was off on the dates.

The cats were sitting around and took some time to come to me. Now they have been doing their own stuff. I let sky go downstairs for a bit. However, he has been back up a couple of times. Tiger is sitting beside me watching TV. She enjoyed a lot of petting and cooing.

I managed to get the upstairs litter box completely cleaned. I dumped the litter into the toilet and it took some time for it to go down. I had heard it running when I first came home but it seems to be quiet now. Unfortunately I have a feeling one of them must have peed somewhere because there is a pungent smell coming from somewhere in the bedroom.

I managed to do a few other things and now I am going to do some letter writing.

The weather was really nice.   It was warmer than it should be I guess but it will be going down because we may be getting showers. I have the back door screen open. As soon as it gets dark I will close it.




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