Where did the Time go?

Sunday is almost a blur again but I spent time working on updating some lists I had (birthday list) and other things.  I wasn’t feeling all that well that morning but by the time I was getting ready for the afternoon I was a little better but not by much according to LIz.  That night I got ready for my sleep study and eventually went to bed.

Monday I was expecting Livi but realized it was a holiday so she didn’t come.  She might be here today.  Work was fine was able to get more off my desk and this is a good thing as it looks I will be moving to another location (another cubicle) some time on the 21st of this month.  Just trying to get it organized and where is the question.  I had my sleep study and it went pretty well.  I am not if it will show anything significant (other than I talked in my sleep and snored).

Today is just work and a few other things and NCIS night.  I have to prepare for my infusion tomorrow.  I am leaving work at 12:30 and meeting Roberta at 1 to be driven to the center.

Well i found out where the carpenter ants were coming from.  I found one rolling around in the cabinet by the stove. It disappeared further behind the containers of herbs and stuff.  I will have to clean that out sometimes this week.

The kitties were a little mischievous while I was away.  They managed to get the plastic bath mat on to the floor in the upstairs bathroom and was messing around with the toilet paper. They a little unsure of me when I came in this morning.  They would smell my bags and then eventually came to me.  They were real happy when I fed them.  They should be okay tonight.


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