Wednesday Mid Week Reflection

The two biggest things that have happened this week were my sleep study this past Monday night and my first Benlysta infusion today. Both were went very well. I don’t have the results from the Sleep study but I did learn I do snore mildly and I talk in my sleep. I sort of knew the latter because I have heard myself in the past. The infusion went by fast and my fears were set aside as I wasn’t alone in getting the infusion. It went by fast. I haven’t had any major side effects (except for sleepiness that might be due to the Zyrtec).

Work has been busy and as I mentioned earlier a little bit tense and morale spotty. There is another round of seat arranging. At the beginning of the week I knew where I was going but now that’s up in the air. I think the upcoming Holidays and parties will be a welcome activities.

The union is getting people ready for the upcoming contract preparations. There is a rally tomorrow night and many High profile people are attending. I am not sure if can go.

The rest of the week will be getting ready for the Baptism of my great grandniece Madison. This will be the first time I have actually seen her. I have to get a pair of shoes for the outfit I have.

I have managed to making thanksgiving Reservations at probably the only restaurant in town that’s open that day. This was the 4th restaurant I checked with. I have sent the info to my brother and he seems to be good with it.

Well I am getting tired so I will say good night for now.


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