Another Day is done

I would count today as another successful day. I managed to get up around 5:30 and got the kitties fed and their litterboxes cleared out a couple of times before leaving for work.

I managed to get to work about 10 minutes before 8 and got coffee and chatted with a couple of people before starting. The day was busy with working on the readdress and the mail and a very large Health logic delivery. I still have to finish batching it tomorrow. My plan is to get in early and work as much as I can before I leave for my infusion.

The only thing that was sad today was we found out one of our co-workers lost her mother. There was a collection going on and I gave some money.

The weather went from frosty to mildly warm today and it will be like that for a couple of days but we will be getting some much needed rain.

I heard from Kristina this past weekend. She is very happy with the choices she has made. She loves college life and is getting used to dorm life. She is attending Colorado Mountain College in Leadville Colorado. I am very happy for her. I still don’t know what her schedule is or classes but that will come in time.

I am going to hit the sack now…


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