Halloween 2015

Today is the final day of preparations for tonight’s merriment.  In the last couple of years I haven’t been handing out candy.  I just didn’t feel like it and I know I would be eating the candy.  I would like to not go through a lot of candy this weekend as I did last weekend. As it is I ate quite a number of them this week.  I am addicted I know it.

The weather pages says that the sunrise isn’t for another 20 minutes.  What I don’t understand in my 50 years is then why is it light out now?  I could see the sun on the horizon and its daylight.  I know I just wrote the same thing (I always do).  Wouldn’t sunrise be when you first see the sun? I don’t seem to be grasping the concept very well this morning.  Maybe that’s because I slept on the couch last night.

Yea I said I slept on the couch last night.  The kitties were lying at my legs for a good long time and every time I had to go to the bathroom I had to move it got to be annoying for me because I kept thinking I was waking them up and bothering them.  Yea they got up themselves and played too.  They were very good about not waking me at 5:30.  I actually got up at 6:15 and did my and their rituals.  When I thought they came up to my bedroom I decided to come up.  They were not there yet but that’s okay because I think I may go back to sleep for a bit. They have been chasing each other around the house.  I am sure they will be up here sooner or later.  I don’t plan on going out much today.

I finally heard from Liz late last night.  I had called her when I got in because I received some stuff from Medicare for Mom but she didn’t call back and when I didn’t hear from her I was getting a little concerned so I sent her a text.  She just got too tired.  She said I could drop the papers off anytime. She asked me if I had any side effects from the infusion. She also is going to the theater on Sunday.  I will stop and see her that morning if she isn’t too rushed.

I heard from Jim late last night.  I sent him a text to say good night but he had been out with friends watching “The Shining” he said it was scary.  I know it was supposed to be on the Sundance channel but I couldn’t remember what night.

I wasn’t planning on doing any food shopping this weekend but I may have to.  Some of the fresh vegetables are not so fresh anymore and I am afraid that the second half gallon I haven’t used yet isn’t fresh either.

I got my car insurance bill yesterday.  All I am going to say is I hope my insurance agent calls to let me know there is another insurance rate that will be better.  It’s like $1400 plus.  If I do it in two installments it will be $700.  I may do it in four installments.

I got another bill from the EMS Company that took me to the hospital back in March.  I need to get it in the mail today.  I forgot to put it in there on the way home.  I tried to get them to resubmit it to the insurance company but they already did that.  Which reminds me I better put it out.

I do need to get some letters written today.  I am starting to get a little anxious about it now.


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