MOnday Musings

My furry alarm clock woke me just before five.  I stayed until my normal time. When I got up I found I had enough time to get things done. It is weird but seems whenever we turn the clocks back I feel more can be done.  I was able to leave for work a little after 7 and stop for gas.

I had blood work to be done for Dr. Sonia.  It is going to reflect that the plaquenil is not in my system I am sure of it.  I will pick it up tomorrow night when I come home from Democratic HQ.

Work went well. Spent most of it working on readdress mail but still have much to do.

After work I picked up kitty food and then came home.  Kitties were a little aloof but they usually are.

I had a late dinner as my original goal was not to eat but I got hungry.


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