Not enough Time

It has been a busy few days and by the time I get home I have been tired.   Usually by 7 I am upstairs and watching TV.  I get to cuddle with the kitties. 

Work has been busy and getting more done.  I was told by a department not to fax stuff to them because it ties up the fax (I forget the exact words) but I had just called someone and they said I could.  I told Bob about it too.  This means I will go back to sending all the authorizations via campus mail.  There will be an in house retirement party for Joyce on Nov 20.  It will be a cake and present actually but I like to call it an in house retirement party.

I met with Debra on Thursday and had a good session.  IT went by quick.  We talked about my week and activities that are coming up.  WE may have to do a phone session in a couple of weeks as I have some stuff to do right before the Thanksgiving break.

Liz and I have received the wedding invitation to our cousin Michael’s Wedding in January.  It was sent by the bride’s parents.  The invitation was beautiful but the only thing is it looks like we won’t be going.  It is too far and Liz and I can’t drive that far.  It is in Wiscasset Maine.  The reception would be at the Maine Maritime Museum.  They have a bus as transportation.  I really do want to go but have to remember my health and limitations.  As well as Liz’s.  We definitely will go to the Bridal shower in December that’s because it will be here in town.

November is turning out to be a busy month again.  I was just invited to my great Niece Alexandra’s christening after Thanksgiving.  It will be here in town and lunch/reception will be at the Wood N Tap restaurant in Orange.

The mayor’s Inauguration is on Nov 19th.  We have all been asked to attend but it’s a Monday night and after working all day I don’t know if I can make it.

Oh and I left my password list at work yesterday and some of the places I need to go to I can’t remember off the top of my head.  I am pretty sure I put it in the cabinets and locked it but I may have left it out on the printer.

It is getting time for me to get ready for the day.  This afternoon I am heading to the Casino with M&R on a Bus trip.  We will be getting home late.


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