What a Weekend

As most of you might remember I got my hair cut Saturday and then met up with my friends Mike and Roberta to meet up with a bus to the Mohegan Sun Casino.  The weather was not that great but by the time we got to the Casino it wouldn’t matter anyway.

While we were waiting for everyone to get in and settle into their seats and get the announcements we noticed this car driving in circles and parking in the same exact parking space (it was a commuter parking lot) it got to be very funny but we realized it was someone preparing for driving lessons.

The ride up was fun there were snacks passed around (including jello shots) and 50 50 raffles going on as well.  I was afraid if I ate too much I wouldn’t be eating dinner later.  Not that really happened.

It was nearly 5 when we arrived and Roberta and I went to the Non Smoking section while Mike went to another area.  The first hour I cashed out at $14.95.  Then we met up and went to dinner at Seasons.  It was a lot of food.  Mike went on to finish gambling and Roberta and I talked and walked around.  It was nearly 10 when we met at the food court and then we walked to the bus waiting area.

Soon it was time to go home.  We got to Milford by 12:30 and I was home by 1 and in bed a short time later.

Sunday I woke up to no heat.  I took a quick look at the furnace.  Not really knowing what I was doing and then I called Liz.  She told me to call Apple and I did.  They suggested how to get it started and then called back.  They sent someone out around 11.  I asked him what was wrong but I didn’t remember what he said.

The rest of the day I was quiet.  I didn’t go to the Veteran’s Day ceremony, or the parade or the bingo.  I did watch Bambi on Youtube.  I had lunch and dinner and slept for the afternoon.

Sunday night I did some laundry and cleaned the kitchen and got into bed by 8 and watched TV Sky joined me for a while.

This week coming up is getting busy.  Doctor appointments, meetings, and I think by the end of the week it should be quiet and the weekend not sure.

Now I am going to do cards.


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