Mid Week Reflections a Day Late

It has been quite chilly and frosty this week. I had to use the scraper on the car before I left a couple of times this week. The week seemed to be ending with rain showers and gray skies.

I managed to get TL to sleep with us for a little while this week until about 4 when Sky and she started wrestling by my legs and waist and I could hear Tiger making sounds. She got up and left and he followed but not before I chastised him. I was really getting concerned about this. They managed to sit on the same chair over the weekend but my concern was dissipated when Wednesday night into Thursday I found Tiger at my side and not my regular Sky. He came later and he ended up sitting in Tiger’s regular spot. It’s all confusing at that hour.

Had a good Gastroenterology appointment. Has me set up for another colonoscopy in ten years September 2024.   The Benlysta session was a little awkward my veins were not cooperating in the regular arm so now there is a spot on my left hand. I did finish early and that surprised Ms Roberta and I together.

The only other appointment is Debra on Thursday. I will tell her my usual stuff, work, health, family, activities.   We have to go over the calendar and rearrange our sessions for the rest of the month.

The only appointments I have are next week and they are health Coach on Wednesday the Dentist for the filling on Thursday and they are both after work. Each are half hour.

The Woman’s Club/Girls club went very well. We have a lot of activities coming up including a date change for one meeting since it’s our holiday party and the girls have exams the following week. We will be doing an additional activity at Birmingham Health Care in December. It will be a sing-a-long. Luckily it will be the day after our other sing-a-long but in the morning. It will not conflict with the afternoon activities I have planned for that day.

I know have a complete understanding of our new fundraiser. We will take orders for gift cards at face value and then send the order to the company and when they come we give them to the people who ordered. I don’t even want to tell you how I was understanding the whole thing. Sometimes it takes several explanations.

I got an invitation to the 2015 Inauguration today. It will be on MOnday. November 16, 2015 at the Government Center. i went two years ago as well and it will be all the candidates.

I may have mentioned in previous entries that I got a letter from the Sewer commission to inform us there will be an important meeting to discuss the sewer systems that were put in. I will say we all got a letter and feel it’s about getting additional paying.   I know we paid taxes on it but I guess this is all part of it.

The next 4th DIstrict is on the 19th I believe it will be at Sharon’s house. I have the minutes ready to be filled in. I want to get back into getting them done in a timely manner. Even if no one really cares when it gets done.

Tonight I had steak for dinner. Nothing much else either…yeah not the best but it was in honor of this week’s episode of NCIS. It was a good episode.

I threw some laundry in and probably won’t go to bed until it gets done. STraightening up here and there.

Oh and finally for weeks maybe even months I have been seeing the ads for FanDuel and the other “Fantasy Football” sites and over those months I came to the conclusion it was basically gambling. Well today the NY state government came to the same conclusion. They banned both sites from taking bets in the state. Apparently some other states are doing the same.


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