Monday musings

I can’t believe its Monday again. Oy…the week and month is moving a little too fast for me. I know I have a lot to do or it seems like it to me.

Today will be work and then tonight I have the Inauguration for Ben Blake and all the candidates who won the election in November. I don’t think it will be that long. Actually I just checked and it is about an hour.   Last time it was on a Thursday but close to the same date as today.

Yesterday afternoon went pretty well. I had bingo and Joanne was there and we had a good time even though some of them were moving out of their chairs.

I had pizza for dinner. I went to bed fairly early after doing a couple of loads of laundry. It didn’t affect me too much I did have to take Tylenol later on.

Work went well. I spoke to my supervisor about the incident on Friday. He spoke to her and reminded her to speak to me professionally.   She asked me about the bin and I told her I was working on it today. As I left that damn bin didn’t seem to be getting lower.

The fallout from the FB Hack has been mixed. Most if not all my coworkers who are on my friend list knew something was up or they haven’t been on FB lately. A couple of my classmates thought it was me and did the natural thing. My cousin’s son who is Autistic gave the person his phone number.


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