This week really did

Just as I said on Monday this week went by fast. By the time I got home most nights I was tired and not feeling that great. Last night was fairly quiet.

Tuesday Livia came and cleaned the house and I am doing my best to keep it up. Not leaving things around and making sure things are cleaned up soon. Sometimes it’s easier than others.

I missed my Health coach appointment this week. I headed home and came to bed because I was fighting the cold (which I Think is not better) so we played telephone tag.

Work is going ok. Gargoyle is barely speaking to me this week. She wasn’t there yesterday but I had a full work day and the in-house retirement party in the afternoon. There was a couple of speeches and some tears.

Friday night was pizza night and updating my password list that I lost. I Yes I said lost as in can’t find it. Some of the sites I have had to set up new passwords. It’s a pain in the backside. I am having some difficulty with the phone synchronizing a few things. I was able to post to Facebook but other things not so much. I don’t think I can email stuff though.

Saturday was PITS.  It’s where many of us in the woman’s club and girls club get together and make about 30 pies. I hope this year its 30 pies. Last I heard there were not that many orders. The proceeds get donated to Aids Project New Haven.

The kitties are pretty good. They tried to wake me up by 5 but I managed to stay in bed by 6:15. They were fed and just wandering around the house.



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