Thanksgiving 2015

Today has been turning out to be quite a day. I got up early to feed the cats and have coffee and do a few odds and ends that have ended up being “done”.

I called my sister and got an invitation for coffee so I quickly showered and dressed and high tailed it over. Expecting to see my nephew already there. He came later with our Cousin Greg. He is a very talented musician in the local music landscape (Between Providence and New Haven). He is having dinner with his brother Chris and his family.

We spent nearly two hours talking about family, and history, and relationships. I guess its stuff that every family does at one time or another. I left there just about noon just to be home in time for Jim.

I had sent a message to Jim thinking he had left his place at 9 and he tells me he hadn’t left yet (it was after 10 by this time) and he would be alone. No kids. He should be here by 2 pm. This was rather disappointing because I was really looking forward to seeing James JR. I really wanted James to see the cats.

I left Liz’s around 1 I think and had a quick lunch and hung out and waited for Jim. Sure enough a little after 2 Jim arrived safely and we spent the next hour chatting and talking.

It was around 3 when we got ready for Dinner. Everything looked fine until my stocking ran and got a hole in it. NO one could see it so I left it that way. Usually the holes dig into my legs but not this time.

We were the first to arrive the very packed restaurant. We were seated at our table and drink orders were taken and breads eventually taken. I think Ethel and her band arrived around 4:30.

Over the next couple of hours we ordered from the special menu. There were appetizers I didn’t want any of (a little expensive I thought). We spent the next two hours talking and laughing and sharing jokes. Here we are at the end:Thanksgiving Day 2015 11262015



I think it had to be about 6 or 7 when we got home we got changed and into our pajamas and watched of all things The Godfather. The kitties were nearby. Sky was roaming and Tiger was sitting in between the loveseat and the couch. After a while I came upstairs and watched the first of the Mummy Trilogy. Eventually the kitties came round too.

WE got a call from his daughter Emily who was clearly upset. Her father was talking with her for a long time and then I got on. She was really missing Mom (her grandmother). I guess she had gotten the holiday blues. I have a feeling it’s much more than that but it’s the only way to explain it.

It was nearly 10 when I went to bed….


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