Its raining

It has been raining on and off all afternoon. I could hear it on the windows occasionally. It isn’t as bad as out west. My Oklahoma friends seem to be dealing with an unexpected ice storm. Well Oklahoma City is having rain as well but I think Northern Oklahoma got it more.

I managed to write my letter to Pam S in Oklahoma. I thought I would be able to get it mailed this afternoon but I have been procrastinating a lot this afternoon and on top of that I have a feeling my computer to be warmed up and allowed to get more recent emails up.  I still have one more to write and that would be Angel in Texas.

Guess where I found the kitties today? They were sitting on my overnight bag in the closet. I noticed one of the doors ajar and so I closed it and looked in the other closet. There they both were sleeping. I don’t feel like fighting it or making them come out. It’s probably a little warmer in there than around here. The heat is on and the furnace is working. I just have a T-Shirt on.

Mama Roberta and Papa Mike came home from NC last night. I got an email from Roberta this afternoon. She was thanking me for sending her the article on new business that is replacing the Smiles Entertainment center on Boston Post Road. I told her about Thanksgiving and the rest of the weekend activities.

A little after 4 I got dressed and headed to the store to get the card and I asked for their phone number so if I need to call in the future I have it. Information/Directory for the cable/phone company are totally useless. I stopped at the post office and mailed my letter and four of the Christmas cards out. I am not sure what time I got to Liz and nelson’s but they were on their way out to talk to the Priest about her serving at mass tomorrow. Then they had some errands to run.

The only traffic it seemed was on the highway and in the parking lots at the mall. I was surprised that route one Boston Post Road was moving swiftly. After stopping of Captain’s Catch for lobster Rolls I was home by 5 or so.

The kitties are now roaming around the house again but they were in the closet again when I left. They did actually go into my old room while I was printing out Pam’s letter. They didn’t stay long which surprised me.

While I was in the bedroom I managed to put more stuff into the big plastic tubs that I have had in there. The stuff isn’t in any particular order.  Maybe if I have time soon I will go through it and organize it. I have a bag of garbage too.

I have been eating the pumpkin bread that was in the bottom of the gift bag from Claudia. I knew I had one because Liz got one too. I suspect it will be gone by Monday.

Well I have to clean up the kitchen and straighten up before going upstairs and watching the rest of the marathon.

Have a great night.





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