Monday Musings

Today went by very quickly. I got up before 5:30 and got the kitties fed and had my coffee. Then I got ready for work. I was in such a hurry to get out I forgot to leave a check for Livia to clean the house. Half way through the day I realized I had done that and texted a message to Livia. Late this afternoon when I got home I found a note from her. I will write it out as soon as finish here. She did a great job this week. Of course I have already messed up the kitchen with dinner dishes.

Today is the final day of month end and everyone had to work really hard to get the closing done. We were asked not to do any Cyber Monday shopping while working. There seemed to be a lot of mail waiting for me when I got to work. Most of it was the prior authorizations and the Healthlogic EOB’s. I still have to finish one that came today (the Healthlogic). Sadly there was a flyer going around announcing that one of our own lost her sister last week. I was aware of it because I am friends with the coworker on Facebook.

Now the next part is going to a huge revelation. My Niece who has been gay (not sure if openly would be a correct term) just announced that Ze is transgender.   Ze had shortened the name from Kristina to Kris. Ze has been getting a lot of support including from my brother Jim. Of course I am supportive of her. It’s just going to take some time for me to getting used to using the Gender neutral speech. Of course I have a friend to go to for advice. She sounds incredibly happy and that’s what is important. So if anyone is reading this and is transgender or the family of transgender please be patient with me as it is an adjustment period for me.

It was pretty cold today and cloudy. There were snow flurry sightings a couple of times during the day. I didn’t actually see it myself but I could feel it. As I was driving home tonight I couldn’t help think that the sky looked like it would in movies. It could be any movies. It also looked like some mornings.   I have to check what the rest of the week is going to be like but I will check before going to bed.

Well I have to pay some bills and go to bed so I will say good night.






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