This week is going by

I haven’t had much of chance to write at all this week even though I tried a couple of times unsuccessfully.  It has been one thing or another like not enough time, the cats, social activities, and exhaustion.

The mail meeting I mentioned last week went well and I have made changes to the distribution.  There have been some changes but none that will be bad.  I have eluded that if I continue to keep up with things I may be able to help out with other things (such as scanning as originally intended).  Of course the minute I said that I get an influx of EOB’s that seemed to have grown.  I am not really worried.  I was able to contribute to a team gift for my Supervisor the other day.  I am not sure what we are getting but it should be very nice.  There was another collection for a co-worker who has been out again and is struggling.  Friday is our annual Holiday Luncheon and I am looking forward to it.

I had dinner with Dave Monday night at Michael Anthony’s here in Milford.  It was our first time and very nice.  We talked about our families, my health, work, friends, cars (he has a new mini coop) and of course his annual Open House for New Year’s Day.  He just sent out a “Save the Date” text to me yesterday.  There were a few times I got annoyed with him only because we were going over stuff we discussed before (like the MS/Lupus) but once he said “I can’t remember” it wasn’t worth it.

I have had some issues with the breathing this week that usually makes me tired by the end of the day (another reason why holiday stuff hasn’t gotten done) I am making notes for Dr. M for January’s appointment but that has a couple of people concerned as my face got red a couple of times this week.  Sometimes I get the gasps of air and it sometimes hurts.

I had a wonderful visit with Roberta and her Daughter Miriam on Tuesday.  We spent nearly two hours discussing our lives, volunteering, health, all kinds of things it was just so much fun.  We will be volunteering on Saturday when the woman’s club/girls club will be delivering gifts to the Birmingham Healthcare residents.

I haven’t done a lot of shopping for the holidays this week but I am hoping part of the weekend I can do it.  I have contacted a couple of family members to get ideas and addresses (specifically Kris’s).  I have gotten a number of beautiful cards from family and friends this week.  I actually tried to get some labels printed up and it took me so long because there were some addresses I need to find and I tried to update all my address books.    I will probably get more done this weekend and beginning of next week.

Sadly one of my pen pals lost her battle with cancer earlier this week.  Donna T W died early Tuesday morning surrounded by her family.  There are memorials on many of the pen pal groups.  I am feeling slightly guilty because I haven’t written her since the summer. Her funeral is tomorrow in her town in KY.

I received some wonderful family news tonight.  First Jim is going to be doing an event in NY at Artists without Walls on December 22, 2015 in NY.  He told me about it a while back and I am just so excited for him.  I share it on my timeline.  I don’t know if I can go as it is part of the week I am housesitting.

During the conversation Liz announced her son Chris just got engaged to his girlfriend Jennifer.  Her friend Kari works with me so I don’t know if she knows or not but I will keep it quiet until she says something.

It’s been raining all day and now I am going to bury myself under the warm blankets along with the kitties and go to bed.


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