The holiday luncheon

Yesterday was the holiday luncheon at my nieces home. It was a lot of fun and of course lots of food.  There was a holiday bingo games too.

While I was there I got a call from the nursing home.  Probably wondering where I was.  I know I told the rec staff at least three times I wasn’t going to be there for bingo this weekend.  I left a message on the phone too. I am wondering if the girls were not there? Safe bet they were not.  I did call the place back but the staff I needed was not.

When I got home I crashed.  The kitties were right where I left them.  They stayed there through out the night.

I noticed I left the heat on again.  This is becoming a bad and probably expensive habit.  Got to remember to turn it down when I leave for the day.

Need to get some sleep now.  Really have not slept well tonight.  Alarm will be going off in two hours.


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